About The Artist

                                      Biography of Jacob Zumo

   As a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native; I grew up with a passion for two things, basketball and art. Both having a parallel and major influences on different parts of my life. Through direction and encouragement of my local high school art teacher, I was able to develop both a skill, and a passion for painting. In college I opted to play basketball on an athletic scholarship to Belhaven University until an injury later stood in my way. It is often in times of struggle that opportunities present themselves and I fell back on my former passion, throwing myself fully into painting.

   My career as an artist first began by painting music artists' during live shows, as well as designing apparel for several music artists' live performances. This allowed me to travel the world, gain new perspectives, and a new appreciation for my art, which is a true blessing. Being self-taught, I later decided to set my sights on a new goal, a prestigious Catholic art school program in Florence, Italy, where I lived and studied for a year. I began to search for ways to modernize sacred art and transform traditional Catholic paintings into works of beauty and originality. 

   In a world of spirituality, politically, racially driven differences, I incorporate a combination of relatable elements that anyone can relate to and want to understand. When viewing my work, even if you are not a spiritual person, my hope is to mold beauty in visual arts with a spiritual underlining that all can relate to. My work is a matter of coinciding the two in a subtle way that some may not see at first but connect to after relating to present, past, and future culture. Art is a very emotional and spiritual battle. My prayer is that all who view, collect, and support my passion can feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves, and grow in that experience.

   Through prayer and discernment of his grace and mercy, great work is made. Beauty will save the world. God gets all the glory!