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Art By JZumo

St. Benedict

St. Benedict

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“In the name of God the Father Almighty, through the intercession of St. Benedict,

Keep away from me and my loved ones, evil spirits;

Good spirits, shield us against them!

Malign spirits, you inspire wrong thoughts to men, 

Malicious spirits, liars, you lead them into deception. 

Mocking spirits, you play with human’s credulity. 

I reject you with all the power of my soul, and I close my ears to your suggestions. 

I call upon me the Mercy of God;

Good spirits, I implore you, assist me in this battle. 

Give us the strength to resist evil influences;

Shine your light on the snares of evil spirits,

Keep us from pride and arrogance; 

Good spirits, do not let jealousy, hatred, malevolence, or any feeling other than love grow in our hearts, for these feelings open the doors to the Spirit of Evil. 



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