King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been an amazing experience, blending my strong Catholic upbringing and Italian heritage. These, along with an athletic backing, have pushed me to be who I am today.

Just like my experience, Louisiana is a melting pot of people that come from all different backgrounds and traditions. Louisiana has so many unique features from Mardi Gras to Cajun culture. Especially here in Baton Rouge, we take extra pride in everything we do from crawfish “mud bug” boils to LSU football games/tailgates.

If that wasn’t enough, LSU Football snagged the National Championship with a more than gifted group of players. This has brought us together as a community, bringing hope to every corner of Baton Rouge and Louisiana as a whole. Joe burrow has been such an amazing asset to this team, and has truly shown to be part of not only the LSU athletics community, but the surrounding Baton Rouge community as well. Burrow’s dedication and compassion for his community is great and his dedication to LSU has been a gift. No matter where we come from or what is going on in our lives, sports give us all something to share and celebrate together. As a former player, I want to personally thank each member of our team for going 100 on and off of the field.

During this time, it is so important to remember the good in our lives.

Good News? We still got Da Natty.

During this uncertain time, it’s good to recognize the great moments of this year.

One of the best I can remember? LSU winning a National Championship! Seems like yesterday - January - thousands of us flooded the streets of New Orleans celebrating “Nem Tigahs!”

January 16th, 2020 is a memorable and unique piece of LSU history. For life long fans, it’s one of those moments you get to cherish out of pride for your team, your alma mater. For students, it’s a college memory that will never fade.

So for those of you who didn’t get a ticket or a “slab uh da sod” from Tiger Stadium, I’ve made prints of my original work as a commemorative piece. I hope that you will share in this moment with me, and cherish our Louisiana pride together.

Thank you everyone for the continued support without the backing of my hometown, local community and family - being a full time artist is just a dream. We are really doing this! From your favorite local finger painter - THANK YOU and this is just the beginning.



Limited Print Release:

All prints will be hand signed and number by the artist and available in these sizes, each size will be a limited edition of 1000 prints

1.) 100% Rag Giclee Watercolor Paper:

        - 16x20 inch
        -  24x30 inch

2.) Canvas Print:

        - 30x40 inch

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